President's Welcome

On behalf of the 2020-2021 AASFAA Executive Council, welcome! The start of this AASFAA year has been unprecedented to say the least.  But I am very honored to have a board who are game to be the pioneers of serving and providing our membership virtual training sessions and a conference in the spring.  We are very dedicated to the needs of our membership. We want to start out by hearing your needs and provide collaboration opportunities and conquer the challenges we will be facing this year. Please save the date for Thursday, September 10th, from 10-12 when we will conduct our first AASFAA Meeting of the Minds listening session.

I would like to introduce your AASFAA 20-21 Executive Council:

List of 20-21 Executive Council Members

Arizona has been a hotspot for most of this year, protests, fires in the Tucson area, and of course our COVID-19 pandemic.  What do people do when there is a crisis? They come together and this is what I am hoping that the AZ financial aid community does as well this year. I’m reaching out to every corner of our state and in search of volunteers.  I believe in diversity and inclusion from all sectors. We will have our volunteer link up on our web pages very soon.

I humbly look forward to serving you this year.  Looking forward to seeing and meeting you all virtually this year. By the end of the year we are going to be best zoomies.

Wishing all of you the best with the start of your semesters. May you be safe and well.

Pat Peppin

AASFAA President


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