President's Welcome


I would like to begin by thanking our members for allowing me the opportunity to serve as AASFAA's 2018-2019 President.

My first volunteer experience with AASFAA was with the 2008 Decorations Subcommittee of that year's Conference Committee. The conference theme that year was Mardi Gras and we had spent almost a month of spare or after hours moments creating giant cardboard masks covered in paint and glitter and peacock feathers. The night before the conference began we had about 3,000 balloons to blow up in order to create a balloon arch--it was a LONG night and one of my favorite, funniest AASFAA memories.

Since 2008, colleagues who I admire and enjoy spending time with encouraged me to get involved with AASFAA at the Board level. My Treasurer-elect year I got an early start as acting Treasurer, and while I think it is probably THE toughest job, it is also one of the BEST non-profit board learning experiences possible!
It is an honor to continue working with diverse, talented, and dedicated FA colleagues across the state (and region as part of the WASFAA Executive Council) and I highly recommend volunteering at whatever level you are able. Your time given to AASFAA is well worth the investment!

Stay alert for upcoming announcements! Our amazing 2018-2019 Board and Committee Members are already planning a great year with Fall Drive-In NASFAA Credentialing Opportunities, an early Spring 2019 Conference in Tucson, and more!

I look forward to seeing you at one of our events this year!


Rebekah Salcedo 

2018-2019 AASFAA President